Knowing your business as well as you do, is how we succeed.

Charter Business Sales provides a comprehensive marketing strategy to realistically identify where your business is currently positioned in the market, how you would ideally like to exit, and most importantly, outlines the various options available to you, to best achieve your sale objectives.

When you engage Charter Business Sales you will receive a detailed report, which contains:

  • An Exit Option Report, which provides an overview of your business and outlines the strategies and options for the sale of your business. It also identifies any issues that may impact on your businesses value, so that you can mitigate these to ensure you receive the best possible sale price for your business.

  • A Valuation Report that provides a realistic appraisal of what your business is likely to achieve, if sold in the near future. This appraisal forms the cornerstone of our report and will enable you to make a considered decision about your businesses sale.

  • The Information Memorandum is your businesses “Offer Document” which presents your business in both its historical and current form. This enables potential buyers to assess and understand what your business asset involves, and the opportunity it presents.

At Charter Business Sales we value:

  • Confidentiality and Security – At Charter Business Sales you dictate the level of sales exposure that you feel comfortable with. We can market your business with the strictest levels of confidentiality by qualifying prospective buyers to ensure that your staff, suppliers, customers and competitors are the last to know about your businesses sale. All qualified buyers are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement before any sensitive or proprietary information about your business is disclosed.

  • Timing is everything – At Charter Business Sales we understand that time is money and the timing of your sale is critical to both you, your staff, your suppliers, your customer base, your competitors and your bottom line. With our targeted marketing strategy and comprehensive understanding of your critical transition milestones, we ensure the timing of your businesses sale is just right.

  • Negotiation is where the business gets done – with over 50 years of combined sales and industry experience, Charter Business Sales has the skills to get it right. Negotiation is a fine art and we can turn problems into solutions and solutions into successful sales.

Our Road Map for Sales Success:

  1. Agreement: Charter Business Sales will begin by establishing and agreeing on a plan of action based on your aims and objectives for your business sale.

  2. Business Profile: we get to know your business as well as you do to develop a detailed profile for your business listing. The profile includes details of your business, its financial performance, assets and liabilities, details of about your business premises (where relevant) and comments about your industry and key competitors.

  3. Marketing Strategy: A confidential marketing plan is developed in association with you to ensure that the details of your business and its goodwill are not compromised. Our strategies for successful marketing ensure that your staff, suppliers, customers and competitors are the last to know about your sale.

  4. Advertise: all advertising of your business sale is done in accordance with your specific requirements. We also have an extensive database of industry relevant resources to maximise your sales success.

  5. Qualified Buyers: At Charter Business Sales we qualify all prospective buyers to ensure the ultimate in security and confidentiality.

  6. Negotiation: All meetings with potential buyers are arranged at the seller’s convenience and in the strictest of confidence. As skilled negotiators, we keep your interests in mind at all times and manage any complex issues through to successful settlement.

  7. Transition: Charter Business Sales knows that a successful sale is followed by a successful exit strategy and transition plan. We work with you to ensure that your exit from your business is supported by sound planning and attention.

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